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All schools recognise the year-round importance of providing sports & recreation areas where students can enjoy developing their physical abilities.

However, a common problem many schools face is that they're stuck with bare, bumpy ovals that are rock-hard in summer and virtually unusable 'mudbaths' in winter; asphalt surfaces that take skin off knees and the fun out of play; and space constraints that simply limit the scope of the activities they're able to offer.

Our TigerTurf products include a comprehensive range of synthetic turf surfaces manufactured to meet standards recognised for optimum performance and enjoyment, as well as to protect the participants.

school grounds

Childcare Centres

As every parent and child carer knows, playgrounds are places where kids run wild. So the top priority is always that they're designed in a fashion that finely balances fun with safety; and results in laughter and learning instead of tears (or worse) from hard tumbles.


Landscaping Applications

TigerTurf synthetic grass is always green, always lush. It requires no watering or mowing, so relax and enjoy. TigerTurf is experiencing dramatic growth in demand for its range of products for landscaping applications, from the home back yard to open public spaces.